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When should I use UV coating?

We recommend using UV coating anytime it's available as a product option.  A UV coating protects colors from fading when exposed to sun or other bright light sources.  It also enhances the appearance of colors.  However, we do not recommend UV coating if you intend to write on the product as it interferes with ball point as well as other pens (e.g. gel, fountain, marker) as the ink smudges easily.  Some examples of where UV coating is NOT recommended:

  • on the back of a business card used as an appointment card
  • on the address panel side of a postcard to be mailed with either a printed or hand-written address

What is the difference between gloss and matte stocks?

A gloss finish has a smooth, shiny or lustrous surface which is often especially attractive and showy.  It makes colors appear extra vibrant.

A matte finish has a smooth but lusterless surface.  Colors often appear softer or muted.

What is the best stock to use for a brochure?

100# gloss text or 100# gloss cover?

Both stocks have a great glossy look, however the cover stock has a much thicker feel and gives the feeling of something special in their hands and that "WOW" effect makes a great first impression.

What is a bleed?

The term bleed means when a color or image overlaps the border of a product.  The bleed is needed so that when the printer trims the product to its finished size there won't be any white borders from the stock showing at the edges.

How long will it take for my business cards to arrive?

6 business days not including weekends or holidays after the date ordered.